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Myrtle Beach Grand Prix

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This was once a pair of amusement centers, one in the Windy Hill section of NMB, and another south of Myrtle Beach, directly across the highway from the Air Force base. Both had several different racetracks, with different vehicles ranging from go-karts up to scale model Formula race cars, which could hit high speeds. They also had arcades, water boats, and amusement park rides in the Windy Hill location during the later years.

The location south of Myrtle Beach closed in 2001 when Burroughs & Chapin declined to renew the lease. The Windy Hill location closed with its "Last Ride" event on Sept. 16, 2006, exactly one week before the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach closed with its "Last Ride" event. The Windy Hill location was demolished and redeveloped into a BiLo grocery store and strip mall. The lot which was once Wacky Golf, then the 'kiddie' rides, became a Sticky Fingers restaurant. The only remaining remnant of the park is a set of colored round lights along the back of the Harley Davidson dealership.

NMB Grand Prix arcade token
Over the years, they significantly increased the number of rides, to the point that it nearly rivaled the Family Kingdom park in Myrtle Beach, although the park was still focused on their multiple racecar tracks.

After it closed, many of the rides were sold, and some of them were moved to Wild Water & Wheels in Surfside Beach, which the family still owns and runs.

Before the 12pm start of business, August 19th, 2006, from Hwy 17:

The Last Ride - September 16, 2006

All of the following pictures, except as noted, were taken during this event.

MB Grand Prix is very much a family business; everyone came out for this, as well as many local leaders. They had a barbeque cook-out, and showed their pictures and videos. I got one of those "Last Ride" t-shirts, too. This was covered on the news locally by WPDE.

Co-owners Mark Lazarus, Robby Lazarus (manager), and Jack Lazarus, who started it all back in 1977.


Main entrance/arcade, beside the bumper boats:

The park has 5 separate race tracks, ranging from small mini-cars to scale Formula-One cars.

A modest midway, but with a good mix of different types of rides. They got most of these rides during the years I was away from the beach.

The main ride- a Crazy Mouse, by Reverchron. I thought that this rode much better than the similar Mad Mouse at the Pavilion, built by Arrow Dynamics. This one also has the seats that turn-- a guy running the ride told me that this is controlled by a switch on the car. He said that there is a setting which will make the seat turn continuously through the entire ride, but they aren't ever supposed to do that.

In 1999, the old Wacky Golf course was torn down and its lot converted into the Kidz Zone, the rides were moved from their previous location where the bigger midway rides are now. Included in this mini-park is a Wacky Worm coaster.

The only structure left from the old Wacky Golf is the clubhouse/arcade, which has been converted into a castle. This was named "Charlotte's Castle" in honor of the manager's daughter's 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, none of the old materials from the old miniature golf course were still there.

As night falls and time grows short, its back to the park for some last rides:

A very sad sight as the lights go out in the midway for the last time at 11pm, marking the end of another memorable Myrtle Beach area attraction.

Removal and demolition

Packing up the rides for sale- the Crazy Mouse sold fairly quickly. So far, all of the structures and tracks are intact. These pictures were taken two weeks after the Last Ride, on 9-29-2006.

Demolition complete, ready to build grocery story. Pictures taken March 31, 2007.

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