Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach
Inlet Adventure Miniature Golf

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3215 Business Hwy 17 South
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
(843) 651-0048 (old number)

This course is located across from Inlet Square Mall in Murrells Inlet, and is the last, southernmost miniature golf course on the Grand Strand. Due to zoning restrictions, no miniature golf courses nor large buildings may be built in Georgetown County immediately to the south, thus this course benefits as the very first one seen by all traffic coming from the south.

Photo of the course soon after it opened; this is hanging in the clubhouse.

The course was built in 1988 and opened in 1989. The large 4-acre lot was originally intended to be two courses, but plans were scaled back after Hurricane Hugo came through the area. Still, this 18-hole course is among the largest on the Strand- larger than some 36-hole courses.

This course was once run by Tony and Anna Morinelli, who developed the lush landscaping for the course. It was bought by Michael and Lorrie Walton around Christmas 2005, and they have continued running and maintaining it the same way. This is one a few courses on the Strand that is open year-round.

Inlet Skate Shop, a skate park and skating supply store, was recently built on the lot immediately adjacent to the miniature golf course, but it closed at the end of the 2007 season. I have heard that this course closed in 2009, probably due to the economy, but re-opened in 2011. The current phone number is not known.

Overhead Views:

These pictures were taken on Sept. 29th, 2007.

The Course

 Hole #1 - Long straight shot, with no good places to bank it!

 Hole #2 - I always go to the left, under the waterfall, on this type of hole.

 Hole #3 - I got very close by lightly hitting the bank.

 Hole #4 - Going into the water will give you a decent lie!

 Hole #5 - This is one where you give it a good strong shot and hope for the best.

 Hole #6 - Very short, but it needs a very precise shot.

 Hole #7 - Enter Blackbeard's Cave for a long shot around stalagmites. There's gold too!

 Hole #8 - Another tough one- its hard to bank it into that little corner on the end.

 Hole #9 - I took the straight, level shot to the right.

 Hole #10 - This turns left and down a very steep incline. Its tough to get even close on the first shot.

 Hole #11 - Its tough to gauge the direction and strength of this shot.

 Hole #12 - I got fairly close with the center hole.

 Hole #13 - Slight hump in the middle makes this tricky.

 Hole #14 - Another cave shot- its possible to shoot straight to this one.

 Hole #15 - Curved bank shot is tough to get close to the hole

 Hole #16 - A shot with enough force to go thru the loop can also go wild!

 Hole #17 - I played the center again, but it wasn't close.

 Hole #18 - Very long curvey downhill shot. Play it down the middle and hope for the best.

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