Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach
Cap'n Cain Golf

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702 S Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 448-4684

This course was originally built by Wilson Cain, who ran the Southside Pharmacy next door to the course for many years, and was also a Myrtle Beach City councilman for many years.

This is another very old, long-time miniature golf course- I remember it being here as long as I've been coming to the beach. Apparently, they tried to upgrade the course recently, due to intense competition from the recent proliferation of very fancy and expensive courses, but it just didn't work out. The tiki-looking posts, as well as the large tiki-head, look much newer than many other parts. This course closed in 2006, and has been sitting unused ever since, with much of the front section of the course, between the lake and the parking lot, wiped out.

This course included 9 "practice holes" played before the "main" 18 holes, giving 27 holes for the price of 18. Afterwards, the scorecard could be used at the ice cream parlor for a "buy 1, get one free" special. During the 2008 season, the old ice cream building was a Philly Sub shop.

2006 Satellite Picture of original course layout

In 2012, the course was leased from Cain's wife and is being extensively renovated, with opening expected in March 2012.

These pictures were taken on December 23rd, 2006.

Although the course is littered with branches and debris, the weeds have not taken over, in fact it almost looks like someone has been attempting to maintain the grass, at least.

 Hole #1 - this is the most damaged of any existing hole on the course, it looks like it was either washed out, or possibly torn out to make room for parking places. The cup is in the first lobe that veers off to the left.

 Hole #2 - a tricky shot- too hard and it will come back down the hill.

 Hole #3 - banks left and right into the final section with the cup.

 Hole #4 - sinple dogleg left over the hill in the middle.

 Hole #5 - Make it into the hole in the ramp and the chute will guide it toward the end. Miss, and be stuck at the end of a very long second shot.

 Hole #6 - Dogleg right going underneath a stream coming off of the mountain.

 Hole #7 - On the side of the mountain, shoot into a left dogleg that goes underneath a waterfall.

 Hole #8 - Walk down the mountain for a ramp shot on this hole. Don't hit it too hard!

 Hole #9 - Steep shot going up onto the mountain, cup is to the left.

 Hole #10 - Shot around the island, cup is in the rear. The banked sides help a lot.

 Hole #11 - Tricky shot, don't get stuck in that depression just before the cup area.

 Hole #12 - Shoot into the hole, which guides the ball down a steep hill into a left reverse dogleg.

 Hole #13 - Tricky humps in the middle.

 Hole #14 - Long, straight hole, no tricks.

 Hole #15 - Light shot down to the lower level.

The course abruptly ends after the 15th hole. The entire area forward of the mountain, the lake and the boat/office, appears to have been scraped completely clean, with part of it paved over and part of it left as grass. As it currently is, its impossible to tell where the final 3 holes were located.

According to the satellite picture, the parking lot was once less than half its current size. Originally, this course had a "practice" 9-holes on the front, extending the course out to roughly half of the 1/2-block lot. In 2006, only a couple of the holes closest to the clubhouse remained from this practice course:

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