Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach
Crescent Beach - Unknown Course Name

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402 17th Avenue South
Crescent Beach, SC 29582

This was an adventure-themed, 18-hole course about 2 blocks off of the shore in Crescent Beach, SC. It was on the north side of 17th Avenue South, which is the main road for the Crescent section of NMB.

It appears to have been abandoned for at least one, possibly two seasons. The gate was open, and there was no identification as to what the course was once named. The weeds are starting to take over, and the course is clogged with debris. The main features of this course is a lighthouse on one end, and a volcano on the other, both feeding a large series of ponds in the middle.

This course is in the middle of the block, with a large Pavilion and Arcade building, also closed, beside it on the western side, and a snack bar in front of it. A sign on the course says that it will be developed into "The Havens", a large condo. The arcade building and the course were completely demolished and the land cleared by Feb. 3, 2007; absolutely nothing remains.

Satellite Picture

These pictures were taken on December 23rd, 2006.

The course is in horrible shape- nearly all the vegetation has died, and the lot is rapidly being taken over by weeds, which are full of sand spurs. Many of the holes have weeds growing in them, and many holes are completely filled-in and turned into weed-pots.

 Hole #1 - Straight, narrow shot. Too close and you'll bounce all over.

 Hole #2 - Jump over the stream, then dogleg right and down.

 Hole #3 - Its tough to gauge just where this one breaks.

 Hole #4 - Another jump over the stream, then bounce off the back board.

 Hole #5 - Walk up, and putt down a curvey, steep hill. Hole is in terrible shape.

 Hole #6 - Get around the tree, and arc it toward the hole area.

 Hole #7 - Hole is toward the right-hand side, filled with dirt

 Hole #8 - Medium straight shot- the humps curve in opposite directions

 Hole #9 - Very precise shot between the trees

 Hole #10 - Maybe a bank shot off the left side...

 Hole #11 - Not too hard, or it will roll back

 Hole #12 - Shoot through the small cave on the side of the volcano.

 Hole #13 - Medium shot to get over the humps

 Hole #14 - The hill makes this hole very forgiving.

 Hole #15 - Not sure where to place this shot.

 Hole #16 - Not too hard on this one, or it will roll back

 Hole #17 - Gentle arc to the right

 Hole #18 - Straight shot, no easy banks

The arcade and miniature golf have been completely demolished as of 02-03-2007, when these last pictures were taken, leaving absolutely no beach-area amusements in Crescent Beach.

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