Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach
Fun World

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700 7th Ave. North
Ocean Drive, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
(843) 361-9845

Fun World Family Amusement Park closed in October, at of the 2006 season, with the miniature golf shutting down on Sept. 15th. This 54-hole course, on 4.2 acres along Highway 17, was built in the late 1980s by Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. of Wildwood, NJ. The course was owned by Chris Bethea, Tom Merrell, and Jim Sidwell, who are also involved with other area courses.

This course is in the process of being replaced with a new 36-hole course named Dinosaur Adventure Golf, which will probably be similar in theme to Jurassic Park Golf in south Myrtle Beach. The current general manager of Lost Treasure, Andrew Cooke, will also oversee this new course, which should be open by spring 2007.

These pictures were all taken on December 24, 2006; I don't currently have any pictures of the course during normal operation. Although this sprawling course was closed on Sept. 15th, the weeds and general condition of some of it looks like its been closed much longer. Here is a quick walk around the course perimeter:

There were 3 separate 18-hole courses: Waterway, Island, and Lagoon, all accessed from a single entrance at the middle of the back of the minigolf area. The office for this was just east, by the kiddie boat ride.

Lagoon Course

 Hole #1 - Banked break to the right.
 Hole #2 - Jump over hazard. It isn't clear how much of this hole is destroyed already.
 Hole #3 is completely destroyed. Its unclear if there was one or two holes in this area.

 Hole #4? - Straight shot to the end of the cave. Its also fun to walk through.
 Hole #5 - Short, rather unchallenging hole.
 Hole #6 - Nasty sunken trap to the right, in the middle. This takes a long, very precise shot.
 Hole #7 - Nasty traps on the side of this one, uphill shot. Apparently, different holes could be uncovered to change this hole layout.
 Hole #8 - Uphill shot, with simulated sand trap
 Hole #9 - Downhill shot, with a couple of hole options
 Hole #10 - Multi-level, with slight rise at the back
 Hole #11 - Another multi-level with a more forgiving rise at the back.
 Hole #12 - Flat hole, interesting bank angles in back.
 Hole #13 - Couple of optional hole placements on this lobed hole.
 Hole #14 - Another simulated sand trap to deal with.
 More destruction. There was either one or two holes here.
 Hole #17 - Multiple possible hole placements on this large hole.
 Hole #18 - Straight shot downhill, bank it left or the ball will go into the stream, and possibly into the lake- which is ok, because these balls float.


Island Course

All of the green carpet has been removed from this course.
 Practice green at the beginning and end area of the Island course
 Hole #1 - Strong bank to right- don't get stuck behind that island in the middle!
 Hole #2 - Incredible water hazard! Not too hard...
 Hole #3 - Don't get stuck in the left lobe. Strong shot straight/right.
 Hole #4 - First hole around mountain. I'd aim for the right-hand side.
 Hole #5 - Not too hard or you'll get stuck in corner trap
 Hole #6 - Don't hit the rocks along the side

 Hole #7 - Probably safer to shoot through cave, although hole on right will probably result in a hole-in-one. Its a small, uphill target to hit, though.

 Hole #8 - Tough shot; water hazard on both sides
 Hole #9 - Long break-right with water hazard on left and at end
 Hole #10 - Very tricky water hazard, keep right!
 Hole #11 - Needs very gentle shot to get around corner and down hill, else you're in the water
 Hole #12 - Don't hug right side or you'll be in the trap
 Hole #13 - Long double-bank; keep it in the center
 Hole #14 - Not too hard, or it'll bounce all over the rocks
 Hole #15 - Looks long and straight, but the end has been demolished

Hole #16 has been completely demolished

 Hole #17 - Easy, long shot
 Hole #18 - Cut it close to the trap and you'll get close to the hole


Waterway Course

This is a very tough course with lots of water traps. Its also in the worst shape of all 3, with over half of it completely destroyed.
 Hole #1 - Starts with a water hazard. Cut it very close to the corner, to catch the hill.
 Hole #2 - Straight shot from the right should do ok.
 Hole #3 - Tough uphill shot needs very precise force, otherwise it will guide you back into the hazard
 Hole #4 - Long downhill shot must go straight down the middle; end is destroyed.
 Hole #5? - Not sure how this one starts. Hit the banks just for an easy downhill shot.
 Hole #6? - This is getting into the seriously damaged part of the course.
 Half of this course is completely destroyed, its nearly impossible to distinguish the individual holes or where they were.
 Hole #13?
 Hole #14? - Middle hazards make this one tough. More difficult right-hand side gives straightest path.
 Hole #15? - Needs very straight shot down middle
 Hole #16?
 Hole #17 - Nasty water hazard you don't see at the tee. Too far on the bank and you're in the water
 Hole #18 - Long approach to perilous water hazard at end.

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