Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach
Treasure Island Golf

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4801 North Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 449-4754

Despite having lived near this course for many years, this was the first time that I ever played this one. This was one of the first pirate-themed courses, and still compares favorably to many of the newer courses. The holes are interesting and challenging, and the entire course is nicely maintained. 2007 marks the 27th year of this course, which is built on the previous site of a farm house and restaurant. It opened 3 months ahead of another old course, Jungle Caverns, which has since been torn down.

This course is affiliated with Spyglass Golf, at the corner of 41st Ave. North and King's Highway. These pictures were taken on July 5th, 2007.

1982 Scorecard
(Thanks to Scott McMahan for scorecard pics)

 Hole #1 - Shot staight down the middle, avoid the humps.

 Hole #2 - Probably bouncing off the right side is the best shot.

 Hole #3 - A gentle shot into the bank will put it very close.

 Hole #4 - Very straight shot, but needs lots of control, not too much!

 Hole #5 - Long, wild downhill shot. I hit it straight down the middle.

 Hole #6 - Straight shot- enough power to jump the ramp should be enough to get it to the hole.

 Hole #7 - Its hard to avoid the rocks and getting swept into the stream, which is actually the best shot. The ball will pop out of a hole and be very close to the cup.

 Hole #8 - Try the straight shot through the tunnel.

 Hole #9 - Another long shot- favor the left-hand side. This one is a matter of luck.

 Hole #10 - Hit it into the bank, but not enough to hit the rocks on the end.

 Hole #11 - Hit into the right side of the bank; you don't want to be stuck on top of that hill.

 Hole #12 - Needs a very straight, very precise shot-- too much of anything and its trouble.

 Hole #13 - I did equally well hitting to the left or right.

 Hole #14 - Hit a soft shot between the two ridges on the right-hand side, and it will roll toward the cup with a very good chance of a hole-in-one.

 Hole #15 - Very straight shot.

 Hole #16 - Its tough to get close, I shot between the humps, hoping it would give the ball toward the hole.

 Hole #17 - I tried hitting it as close as possible to the right side, bouncing it back toward the hole. Not too hard!

 Hole #18 - Very long hole, you can't see the cup from the tee. Any hit will end up reasonably close to the cup at the end.

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