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Myrtle Beach locals 
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~Local Pubs~ : Rock Burger concept gets new life on Kings Highway
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From: MSN NicknamePandemicMuse  (Original Message)Sent: 8/13/2005 6:09 AM
Posted on Wed, Jul. 06, 2005

Rock Burger concept gets new life on Kings Highway

If you can find a longtime Myrtle Beach resident, mention Rock Burger to them and watch the reaction. In many cases, you'll see a wave of nostalgia wash over them, their eyes glossy from remembering great shows or wild nights of yesteryear.

The Rock Burger of old was something of an institution in its heyday. Closing about 10 years ago, the aptly-named hamburger joint/rock music venue was home to a great many bands and quite a few local customers.

Its original location at 1107 N. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach, is giving way to a new one at 1604 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach. April and Joseph Almakiz, the new owners, have been approached by the original Rock Burger's patrons as the couple finishes up the building.

"We've actually had a lot of people stop by and ask if it's the same Rock Burger," April Almakiz said.

Though the ownership changed, those familiar with the first Rock Burger won't feel out of place with its successor. On Tuesday, Joseph Almakiz was helping finish the building - fitting lights on top of the sheet-metal accents on the wall.

Both longtime Myrtle Beach residents themselves, the Almakizes bought Rock Burger's name and concept from its original owners. While her husband is helping prepare the building, Rock Burger is more April Almakiz's baby.

"We wanted a restaurant/bar that had live bands with a rock 'n' roll theme," April Almakiz said. "[We wanted] a little bit of everything actually, and we wanted some thick, juicy burgers."

With a hamburger and bar food-oriented menu and a place for live bands, Joseph Almakiz said they plan to feature some of the great local bands with traveling acts mixed in here and there. They also plan to add a large deck to the long-vacant building to provide the second generation of Rock Burger fans a chance to give their rock-oriented revelry an outside venue.

Pending circumstances, Joseph Almakiz estimates the new Rock Burger will open in about two weeks.

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