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Wayne's Reading List

Quotes Collections:

President Clinton Tribute Page
John Kerry for President

Free Trade and Capitalism - Speech by William H. Peterson

Bedtime story: Sundown at Coffin Rock

Bill of No Rights

TV shows that I currently watch:

Stargate SG-1 FLCL Futurama

Download Fun!

BUNGEEPO.JPG - Fun at the amusement park
CTHULHU.GIF - Cthulhu-fish sticker for your car
STOPGO.RAM - RealAudio sound file - real 911 call
ATT1.BMP - Interesting picture
BROONALE.ZIP - Newcastle Brown Ale screensaver for Windows
DEXICON.ZIP - Dexter's Laboratory Win95 icons
MRHANKEY.ZIP - Mr. Hankey Screensaver
SPSHOOT.ZIP - South Park shooting game
TSHIRT.JPG - Babylon Park T-shirt graphics
FROGBLEN.EXE - Frog in a Blender- sick, outrageous
--- More of this guy's animations can be found on:
TELEM1.WAV - Screwing with telemarketers 1
TELEM2.WAV - Screwing with telemarketers 2
TELEM3.WAV - Screwing with telemarketers 3
YOUAREID.SWF - Neat Shockwave file, "You are an Idiot"
DRAGON.JPG - Neat optical illusion, print on color printer & assemble

Fun Links

Wayne Aiken
PO Box 30904
Raleigh, NC 27622
Cell: (919) 602-8529

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