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Church of the SubGenius NEWS FLUSH

Completed article, photo-illustrated, with galleries and field trip report!

Rev. Chas Smith has passed away, 10/16/2007
Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Swamp Radio show on WCSB

Photo Gallery of Chas Smith
More Chas Smith pictures

Hour of Slack #1122 will be a tribute to Chas. (Will air in Cleveland Sunday Oct. 20 at 9 pm on WCSB - 89.3 FM or streaming from http://wcsb.org (also for download: http://subgenius.com/ts/hos.html)

Memorial Art Page for the Late St. Joe Riley

Check out all five index-pages-worth of Joe's incredible paintings, models, masks and SubGenius drawings. There are also links to his blog and MySpace page, with more art, some interviews, and also the newly-installed "Making of MTV-SubGenius" on Google Video. St. Joe was a major part of SubGenius video productions and graphics output.

Mary Magdalene Court Case & other Bulldada in the News

Biology is Destiny!
Q: Are We Not Men?
"Bob": We Are DEVO

Club Devo - http://www.clubdevo.com
Devo-Obsesso - http://www.devo-obsesso.com
Booji Boy's MySpace page - http://www.myspace.com/boojiboy
Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers - http://www.myspace.com/jihadjerryandtheevildoers
also-------- http://www.jihadjerry.com
Devo videos on YouTube! -Friday's 80,SNL '78, Letterman '82, Devo rehearsal + tons more!
Weird America interview with Mark Mothersbaugh
Positive Mutations - Devo Podcast show

Mutato Muzika - Mark Mothersbaugh's latest project

Strange Video Slack Links

HellPope Huey's Temple of the Misfired Neuron

Fun links from SubGenius Yahoo group:

Luciferian Liberation Front


So just what is the deal with those alien stickers with the cross on them, that are popping up all over the place? The main point is that if any "aliens" are guilty of doing even half of the bad stuff that some people say, they certainly shouldn't be glorified. Instead of cute little humanoids like ET or "Close Encounters", maybe "Independence Day" is a bit closer to what a real first contact would be like. And, instead of bring messages of universal peace and love, creatures with that level of technological ability could just as easily conduct a smash-and-grab operation with impunity. Even the "anti"-UFO hucksterism is a bit too much, too. When you think of slanty alien faces, JUST SAY NO!
V2, Box 911, Stanwood, WA 98292
Head for the Hills...
Public Shelter, home of the Atomic Cafe as recently aired on the Discovery Channel.
The weirdest bulldada is often that which was once actually taken deadly seriously! Easily on the level of the "Dr. Strangelove" movie with Peter Sellers, this is all actual 50s cold-war nuclear propaganda, in its own words.

Save the Planet! Kill Yourself!!!

The Church of Euthanasia

suicide - abortion - cannibalism - sodomy

Cyber-Sex Toys - tons of rubber things that buzz and jump, plus dolls, books, videos, etc.
Don't forget to play too much Doom. Check this site for tons of games, add-ons, documentation, forums, and more
Dreamboy, actual dreams, in living color and
without censorship. Wild stuff!
E-Zine List by John Labowitz
Your gateway to every e-zine ever produced.
Get out your Bic lighter, its the Flag Burning Page. Contains actual images of a US flag going up in flames, plus lots of commentary on the battered First Amendment.
Man or Astroman? - the official webpage of the popular independent band who are actually space aliens, who scrounge for parts for their wrecked spaceship as they travel around giving performances.
The Doge of St. Louis, as seen in an incarnation of The Swinging Love Corpses!!
Something for Nothing! Ultimate resource guide for Free Stuff!
Free online ordinations to the Universal Life Church
100% Legal! Perform weddings, blessings, cursings, whatever you want.
Get REDUCED CLERGY RATE at more places than you can imagine!!
WFMU 91.1 FM has a Catalog of Curiosities that must be seen to believe.
Tons of wild, unusual, and otherwise unobtainable video, audio, and printed strangeness.

Listen to them LIVE on Audionet with RealAudio!!

WZRD 88.3FM Chicago - SubGenius radio! Fully licensed clench blasting the
Chicago area with strangeness and experimental for over 20 years!
WCSB 89.3 FM - Cleveland

Listen to live broadcasts with the Audioactive player (downloadable from their webpage).

Great experimental/high-energy music, also with Hour of Slack and Einstein's Secret Orchestra - Swamp Radio from 11pm-1am on Thursday nights!

Check out the when they come to your town. Its one helluva wild show- I saw them on their 1995 Voodoo-U tour in Raleigh, as part a Wild Sex show along with Thrill Kill Kult. Another LoA site: Lords2
Ayn Rand is actually CONNIE DOBBS!
Committe for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal - Some people claim that they deify "science" at the expense of spirituality, whatever in hell that is. Others claim that their continuous, extensive, and thorough debunking of supernatural claims doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. But whatever sour grapes are being thrown their way, they *are* the only cops on the "psychic/supernatural/paranormal" beat, and their bullshit detectors uncover *tons* of frauds and phonies.
Space Ghost is now on the web. Once, he was a super-hero, saving the galaxy, and now he's a smart-ass talk-show host, with SLACK! Visit the set of Coast to Coast, and be interviewed by Space Ghost on-line! Be prepared, though, as you know, he's even worse than Letterman at completely abusing the guests. Also, there's Zorak and Moltar's quarters, a huckster shop for SG t-shirts and other expensive trinkets, plus lots more. Big site with lots of graphics with an attitude. (but where's BRAK?!?!?!? and where's my baloney sandwich?!?!?)
Tired of those telemarketer drones interrupting your meals and sleep, to try to sell you a bunch of crap you'd never want? Here's some pages dedicated to the hatred of telemarketers, with lots of ways to get revenge.

Screw the Democrats *and* the Republicans!!

The Libertarian Party

Also check out In The Teeth of the Wind - memoirs of a Libertarian lawyer

Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 - Tons of great B5 info, including complete episode list, plots and anlaysis, with J. Michael Stracyzinski's own comments, nicely arranged and cross-referenced. Includes notes on the making of B5, the setting, characters, and stations.

Warner Bros. Babylon 5 Website - The official Babylon 5 website, with images, audio and video clips.

Unfortunately, humorless corporate goons have forever silenced the original Dysfunctional Family Circus site- a hilarious parody of an sad, unfunny comic thats so bland and sappy that it makes you want to puke. However, the concept remains, in a few private efforts, like this one, this one, and this one.
Sea Monkey Worship Page!! - Remember those awful ads for "sea monkeys", who would build all sorts of neat castles, raise families, and perform tricks for you, all in your fishtank? Here's the real scoop on those critters, from kitsch to religion:
Advocates for Self-Government - purveyors of the radical notion that WE DON'T NEED a big government and tons of police to take care of us- that we are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. Let the police chase criminals for a change. Lots of products for libertarian outreach, with books, tapes, but mostly, mass quantities of the World's Smallest Political Quiz.
Eros Comics - Probably one of the biggest distributors of adult comics, with large selections of adult comics, with tons of fetish and bondage titles. Great source for Cherry, Bondage Fairies, Young Witches, Carnal Comics, and tons of other titles- erotic manga also. 800-657-1100
PO Box 25070, Seattle WA 98125
Infiltration - A zine about going into places where you're not supposed to go. Tales of urban explorers and their experiences in college steam tunnels, secret subway stations, "exclusive" hotels, and similar places. This gives extensive maps, entrances, extensive details and pictures of some of the most famous explorations. Also check out alt.colleges.tunnels and the official College Steam Tunnel site at http://members.tripod.com/~tunnels/tunnels.html. I've been all through the NCSU tunnels; nearly every big school has them, and it's a ton of fun to go exploring (just don't get caught). It's a good source of stealth and social engineering skills.
Laissez Faire Books - Tons of books for freedom-lovers, the special feature being "The Tax Revolts that Built America" by Charles Adams. This selection of books takes on the government in every issue, from the "War on Drugs" to taxes, regulation, social-engineering laws, scams and frauds of every description, jack-booted thugs, and much more. From economics to education to personal liberty, this a great selection of books in defense of complete and total liberty. 938 Howard St. #202, San Francisco CA 94103 800-326-0996 orders@laisssezfaire.org
Liberty Tree - Great selection of pro-liberty books, with from classics by Thomas Jefferson and other Founders to today's Walter Williams, Harry Browne and more.
Opulence! - Official zine of the WEFest!, a week-long Indie rock festival with over 40 bands from around the country, zines, films, cartoons, and home-brew beer. Don't miss this great event, May 21-27 in the downtown historic (party) district in Wilmington NC. Only $15 admission for the whole week. They also put out sampler tapes with tons of independent bands- $3 each or blank w/$1 postage. Opulence Records, PO Box 2071, Wilmington NC 28402-2071.
Popsmear - Very wild, nothing-sacred magazine. Very much music-oriented with tons of ads and interviews, but also filled with articles on just about anything. Unfortunately, Popsmear closed in 1999
Prometheus Books - Now listing the complete list of books in print, this is a great source for the skeptic/freethinker. No issue is too hot to handle, whether its questioning UFO claims, assisted suicide, school prayer, psychics, big government, pornography, etc. Hundreds of titles on philsophy, religion, social issues, science, and more. Special on David Suzuki's new book, "The Sacred Balance". 50 John Glenn Dr., Amherst, NY 14228-2197 PBooks6205@aol.com
Stuck In Traffic - #28 - Current events, cultural phenomena, and true true stories, told from Stacy Powers' first-person perspective. There's deeper meaning and principles behind nearly everything, in a zen-sorta way; you just need to be able to see it. And, although we might see *some* things in a different perspective (I was far less "charitable" in my opinions of the bums targetting DragonCon), we do agree on a whole lot. Whether its watching the mayor argue with a K-mart employee, or the recent UFO church in Garland TX, there's often more angles to a story or situation than might appear, and Stacy lays it out. Paper zine is $2, $10/yr, 2012 Talloway Drive, Cary NC 27511 free email sub request: powers@ibm.net
SWIFT - Vol. 2 No. 1 - Newsletter of the James Randi Educational Foundation. Randi, the famous magician, is following in Harry Houdini's footsteps by exposing the "paranormal" crowd as the outright frauds that are. Whereas scientists can and have been fooled by intentional illusions, Randi tests them according to the claims that the dowsers/remote viewers/ESP people themselves make, but also introduces controls and safeguards which prevent them from cheating. And when prevented from cheating, they always fail- it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make the obvious conclusion from that. Overall, this is a no-nonsense expose of outright fraud, and long overdue. Free sub for members- JREF, 201 SE 21th St, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33316-1815
ULC News - Fall 97 - News from the Universal Life Church, possibly the most "do it yourself" laid-back organization that can still, however loosely, be considered a religion. Actually, ordained ministers (free for the asking) are prefectly free to follow their own path as long as they promise to do what's "right" and to support religious freedom in general. And, its 100% legal too- ULC ministers can legally perform weddings and other ceremonies and enjoy all the advantages of clergy of the "mainstream" religions. In a way, its a acknowledges that all such stuffy degrees and titles are essentially arbitrary- and when just about *everyone* is officially "ordained" it'll go a long way toward taking away the imagined "special" status that so many priests use as a moral billy-club. Get ordained online! http://www.ulc.org/ulc/
Universal Life Church, 601 3rd St., Modesto, CA 95351
The White Dot - Issue #6 - All about the pitfalls of too much TV, and the benefits to be gained from just totally going cold turkey and giving it up entirely. Although I'm personally not quite ready to give up on Babylon 5 and South Park, there's a lot of great points in here, on not only the "standard" couch-potato TV addiction, but also the way that TVs and videos are popping up everywhere, from airport terminals to classrooms to supermarkets, and its much more of mind-numbing, pacify-and-buy effect than true education. From the sleaze of commercial & cable TV, to the total TV-free lifestyle, there's a lot to think about in here. Not available in video form. $8/4 issues - The White Dot, PO Box 577257 Chicago, IL 60657-7257
Vision Temple - Ask for their wonderful products; especially their own unique tape service. (I think most of this is probably also available through MoFo) New tapes include Octavios "#9701", from the secret former guitarist for Chewing Foil. Also, some really hardcore experimental sample-noise tapes.
Nghe and his evil cohorts are always on the prowl. They can fuck up your life BEFORE X-day. What good is having a membership to climb aboard the saucers if you get killed in a car crash 3 days before X-day?

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Papa Joe Mama's Holy Icons reduced the chance of death by Nghe by 61%.

Yes, you get better survival odds for one low, low price- But wait! That's not all! You also get a real genuine subgenius work of art AND a 5 x 7" solid wood frame to hold it, tossed in for free!

What kind of artwork? What kind would you EXPECT from the Church of the Subgenius? Artwork that makes your SKIN CRAWL. Bob's head in a box, salivating spiders, hideous aliens... all straight from the bleeding brain of Bob's most hateful preacher: The Rev. Papa Joe Mama.

But you're probably still unconvinced. Then go to the Papa Joe Mama's Gallery of Horror Homepage and view these shocking works of religious relevance for yourself. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and most of all, you'll blow your hard earned cash. But so what? It's for a good cause: Welfare of Bob's holy preachers (and the rest of the world, too).


Libertarian e-book of the month:

--By Jack Schwartz

An interesting novel about a guy who sets sucked into a bureaucrat job, and the effect it has on his life. One way out is a complete change out of it and into a matriarchial relationship. Interesting stuff; the Promise Keepers would probably hate it.


Does the government of a "free" society have the right to persecute people for their own personal choices, even for such controversial things such as drug use, prostitution, gambling, overeating, etc? Not so, according to Peter McWilliams' _Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do_, subtitled "The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society".

And the amount of money that taxpayers must fork out for the sake of a bunch of self-appointed moral busybodies adds up to literally thousands of dollars per year, not to mention the outright trashing of the Bill of Rights under the inevitable police state required to make sure you're being "good".

This book is now online in HTML form, with devastating treatises against "victimless-crime" laws, as well as some of his other books, at:



Read about how Peter McWilliams was been jailed on bogus "trafficking" charges and denied his life-sustaining, anti-AIDS drugs, and how he died in misery. This is how our loving government "protects" us. Apparently, what our "government" can't answer with logical argument, they'll simply wipe out. Check this page for details!

The Bran Flakes


Home of Rev. Otis F. Odder, Subgenius/Euthanasian/Universal Mooistic Minister Diagnostic Discordian Pope of the 23rd Quadrant

(formerly MOFO OUTREACH MINISTRY) - apparently they have morphed into a strange, indescribable band/performance group. See the website for details, including music samples.

The Jittlovian Repository


Online archives of Mike Jittlov, the Wizard of Speed and Time himself! Right now, the only thing online is his special collection of weird fonts for the MacIntosh, but there'll be more- possibly QuickTime versions of the trailer for his movie, ASCII art, who knows?



As discussed on the Howard Stern show, this site advertises some of the most strikingly realistic fuck dolls ever made. No blow-up balloons here, these actually have articulated skeletons, realistic skin & hair, and they really look lifelike. And, at $4000+ each, you'd have to wonder about someone with such a total *lack* of a life that this is the only way they could ever get laid. At least these girls don't whine for money.

People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA)


According to Internic's rules, domain names are handed out first-come, first serve, and this person grabbed peta.org before the original organization could. PETA had a shit-fit over this, and because of the controversy, the "peta.org" domain name is "on hold". Not only that, but the site itself is a parody and in-your-face total antithesis of what PETA stands for- with links and info on eating meat, keeping animals as pets and using them for research, furs, taxidermy, and hunting and fishing. Naturally, this has attracted quite a bit of threats and hate mail from the "loving" and "ethical" animal-lovers, who apparently have no problem with 'liberating' animals that could be infected with deadly diseases. This site is a perfect example of "back at-cha" advocacy on the web.

Teriyakis - "Psychics to Sidekicks" - 6 songs, alternative-sounding with somewhat of a psychedelic feel to it. Laid-back, rythmic guitar throughout, and the first song, "weirdo frontiersmen" particularly good. Lots of varied sounds and samples too, it's an interesting small album. 10" record/$8 or $10/CD, available through Priapus, 1723 Illinois, Lawrence KS 66044. They also produce Hopewell, Hyperspherian and more.

Negativland - "Dispepsi" - In their latest record/project, they take on the corporate culture even *more* head-on (with appropriate ways of avoiding the lawsuits). In examining the Orwellian control campaigns run by corporations that would result in blood in the streets if governments were found doing the same (they are), they focus in on the strange world of soft-drink advertising with a bold new suggestion: everybody in the world knows all they'll ever need or want to know about the 2 "giants", so why do they continue to spend untold millions on advertising? Why not experiment with a total moratorium- which will likely have *no* affect on sales? Great music, satirical brainfood lyrics, and innovative new sounds and samples. For Negativland info, write: 1920 Monument Blvd MF-I, Concord CA 94520

OBE-KOF Orgy of Noise

OBE/KOF "open your ears" CD (2 CD lengths in 1!) Slack for $10


Orgy of Slack CD - Live OBE/KOF/More Slackmasters!
Live Rants Plus other Doktormusic! $10 for CD

Bill T. Miller (RevDOK BTM)
Extraterrestrial Records
Box 221 Boston, MA 02123 USA

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