Recommended Atheism-oriented Links:

NPR interview with Sam Harris, author of Letter to a Christian Nation
(2006, Knopf) on Talk of the Nation, October 2, 2006

"Keeping Religion Out of Public Policy"

Sam Harris speech from the Aspen Idea Festival:
Believing the Unbelievable: The Clash Between Faith and Reason in the Modern World

Top 10 Blogsnark, Worst of the Worst: 2005
Worst Blog Posts on Atheism and Secularism

Godless Americans March on Washington DC - Nov. 2, 2002

American Atheists
American Atheist Press
American Atheists Of Texas
[American Atheist Magazine] The American Atheist Web Edition
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought.

Darwin Fish! and more from Ring of Fire NEW: "No Preaching" door plaques for those pesky neighborhood evangelists! Also check out the new Bite Me Fish
DETOX - Religious satire website, full of ideas and jokes

[The God Who Wasn't There DVD] The God Who Wasn't There - DVD documentary challenging the existence of Jesus as a historical figure. (Review)

Infidel Guy - Real Audio Show

James Randi Educational Foundation
Aggressively fighting superstition and mysticism
Objectivism Today
Operation Clambake The Page of Reason

The Secular Web The Secular Web

Note to Christians, who complain about this page

Religious Nut-Cases on the WWW

[Evil Atheist Conspiracy]

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