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Hello, I am Wayne Aiken. You may have seen me protesting the Pope's recent visit to NYC in October 1995 (I'm the one on the far right) This picture of the American Atheists Pope Picket '95 was taken on Saturday, Oct. 7 at the Central Park picket site (SW corner of 79th and 5th) by Ellen Johnson. I've also protested in the streets of Austin, Texas, Sacramento CA, Denver CO, New York City, St. Louis MO, Charlotte NC, and Washington DC.


Atheist Fortune Cookies

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cookie.41b - Atheist Fortune Cookies 2/2

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Atheist Topics:

Separation of Church & State: A Rebuttal

How and why you should be excommunicated if you are a former church member.
This other excommunication article may also be useful.

Test Those Christians, A Nonbeliever's Guide to Testing the True Christian

My opinions regarding school vouchers

Rating System for Fundamentaists and other Wackos

Parody: Kissing Hank's Ass

Living Will in memory of Terry Schiavo

Atheist Art and Cartoons

Ask Rev. Buddy
Anti-Christian Bigotry
The Origin of Priests
Bund Gegen Anpassung logo
Bad Religion band logo
What the Pope has under his hat
No Popes Allowed
Cathederal sign from Denver CO Pope Protest
JP II Wanted sign from Denver CO Pope Protest
Religion Stops a Thinking Mind - Bumper Sticker
Bachelor Priest reality show
Steve Benson - Molester Monastery
Why religion is against abortion
The Parking Lot Is Full 1
The Parking Lot Is Full 2
The Parking Lot Is Full 3
Tom the Dancing Bug: God-Man
Tom the Dancing Bug: God-Man
Tom the Dancing Bug: God-Man
Tom Tomorrow
Tom, the Dancing Bug - Bible Stories
Tom, the Dancing Bug - God-Man: The Menace of Ooze
This Modern World - Promise Keepers
Anti-Christian Bigotry
Ted Haggard's Gay Therapy Survival Guide
Scriptural Biology Lab
What's the Difference

Atheism-oriented Links

Other Neat Stuff:

In 1996 and 2000, I voted for Harry Browne for President, from the Libertarian Party. His book Why Government Doesn't Work, explains why neither the Republican nor Democratic attempts to "fix" the government will work. The only answer to ward off financial collapse -and restore freedom- is to drastically downsize the government not in 7 or 10 years, but now! Everyone who favors downsizing government will find logical, practical methods on precisely how to do it. [Also, check out the other Good Links for Libertarians on the net.

I am also an active member of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.

Just in case there's any doubt, here's how much debt that this sorry excuse for a government has squandered- thats YOUR money.

Calibrate your bullshit detector at the James Randi Educational Foundation. This is the professional magician who, following in Houdini's footsteps, exposes the fraudulent tricks and deceptions of "mystics" who try to cash-in on a gullible public. Is there really any such thing as "psychic" powers? There is over $1,000,000 waiting here for anyone who can prove their outrageous claims.

Newcastle Brown
  The absolute best refreshment in the world!- Drink Newcastle Brown Ale (serve chilled, not cold!) I haven't had any American "beer" in years, and don't miss it at all.

Miscellaneous Neat Links

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Freedom/Liberty Quotes, lots more! Animated GIFs are on-line!
Also check out my Halloween GIFs page.

Current favorite game: StarCraft

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(919) 954-5956

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